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Five Security System Updates And Changes You Need If You Are Getting A New Roommate

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To save a bit of money, you've decided to let a roommate move into your home. Before he or she moves in, you should reassess your security system. There are some standard security system features that don't work that well in a shared living situation, and in addition, while you don't want to alienate your roommate with paranoia, you do want to ensure that you and your family are as safe as possible lest your new roommate turns out to be a bad egg.

Here are some tips to consider:

1. Give the boarder his or her own code to disarm your system.

Most security systems have codes that you use to disarm them, and in most cases, you can use a variety of codes on your system. Give the boarder his or her own unique code. That way, if he or she hands out the code to a thief, you can easily trace the security breach to your new roommate.

2. Reassess your motion detectors.

Many home security systems come with motion detectors. These are often placed at the foot of the stairs or in the hallway near the bedrooms, and they detect if anyone is moving around in your home. If you have a family and you all go to bed at the same time, motion detectors can be a great asset to your security system. However, if a boarder is going to be coming into your home at odd hours, you may want to disable your motion detectors.

If you like, you can replace them with window sensors. That way, a thief will be detected the moment he or she opens or breaks your window

In other cases, however, you may want to add motion detectors to your home if you have a boarder. For example, if your kids all sleep upstairs but the roommate has his or her own bedroom and bathroom in the basement, you may want to put a motion detector in the hall near your kids' rooms so that you can rest assured that your border isn't walking through that space.

3. Lock your children's doors.

Unfortunately, 90 percent of children who are sexually molested are abused by a predator whom they know. Statistics suggest that the roommate in your home may be a much greater threat than the nameless, faceless criminal parents often imagine to be lurking outside.

Because of this, you should set up some barriers between your boarder and your children. Consider installing locks on your kids' bedroom doors. Alternatively, you can put sensors on the doors, and these sensors will alert you anytime that someone opens or closes the door to your kids' bedrooms.

4. Add surveillance cameras to areas with lots of expensive items.

In addition taking steps to make sure your children are secure, you should also add additional security around some of your most expensive stuff. You can add surveillance cameras in the garage looking over your tools, you can add a nanny cam in your living room so that you can make sure that your new roommate is not breaking any of your electronics, or you can add cameras to any other places where you need a second set of eyes.

If the roommate steals your stuff and runs off, you can use the footage from your security cameras to help track and find him or her.

5. Enable remote access to your security system.

Hopefully your roommate is a completely harmless person and all of the above security measures will never be tested. However, your roommate is still just a human, and humans forget things.

To reduce errors and issues with your home security system, you should enable remote access to it. With remote access, you connect an app on your phone or computer to your home's security system, and that app tells you if the alarm is on or off as well as other important details.

Then, if your roommate forgets to set the alarm when he or she leaves your home, you can easily set it for him or her using your remote access app. Alternatively, depending on the type of remote access you have, you can even use the app to check the surveillance cameras at your house to see what your roommate is doing while you are gone.  

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